How to file gst return filing online

Steps to File GST Return in India:

1. Login to the GST Portal:

   – Visit the official GST portal at

   – Log in using your valid credentials (GSTIN, username, and password).


2. Navigate to the Returns Dashboard:

   – Once logged in, go to the ‘Services’ menu and select ‘Returns.’

3. Choose the Appropriate Return Form:

   – Select the GST return form that corresponds to your type of business and the return period. Common return forms include GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, and GSTR-4, among others.


4. Select the Financial Year and Return Period:

   – Choose the relevant financial year and the period for which you want to file the return.

5. Fill in the Details:

   – Complete the details required in the selected return form. This may include details of sales, purchases, input tax credit, and other relevant information.

   – Ensure accuracy in the information provided, as errors can lead to complications.

6. Save and Preview:

   – Save the entered details and preview the return to check for any errors or missing information.

7. Submit the Return:

   – Once you have reviewed the return and ensured its accuracy, submit the return on the GST portal.

8. Payment of Tax (if applicable):

   – If there is any tax liability after adjusting input tax credit, make the payment online through the available modes.


9. Filing Acknowledgment:

   – After successful submission and payment (if applicable), a confirmation acknowledgment with a unique reference number will be generated.

10. Filing GSTR-3B (Monthly Summary Return):

    – If you are a regular taxpayer, you may also need to file GSTR-3B, which is a monthly summary return. The process involves providing details of outward and inward supplies, tax liability, and input tax credit.

11. Late Fee (if applicable):

– Ensure that you file the return within the due date to avoid late fees. Late filing may attract penalties.

12. Reconciliation:

    – Periodically reconcile your books of accounts with the GST returns filed to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Important Points to Note:

– GST filing frequency may vary based on the turnover of the taxpayer.

– It’s crucial to keep abreast of any changes in GST laws and procedures.

– Late filing may attract penalties, so it’s essential to adhere to the filing deadlines.


Remember to check the official GST portal or consult with a tax professional like LEGATO BUSINESS SOLUTION LLP for the latest and most accurate information.