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1. Vouching

2. Journal Entry

3. Bank Reconciliation

4. Party Reconciliation (Debtors & Creditors)

5. Sales, purchase, payment, receipt, debit note, credit note

6. Inventory

7. Costing

8. Cost centres (project wise)

9. Preparation and finalisation of P/L & B/s…etc various things


A Vouching is reviewing factual validation to see if it properly supports entries made in the account records. For illustration, an adjudicator is assuring when examining a shipping document to see if it supports the amount of a trade recorded in the sales journal. Vouching can work in two directions. For illustration, an adjudicator can trace factual force particulars back to the account records to see if the particulars are properly proved, or start with the inventory records and trace back to the storage shelves to see if the force exists.

When engaged in assuring, an adjudicator is looking for any crimes in the amount recorded in the account records and icing that the deals are recorded in the correct accounts. The adjudicator is also vindicating that deals have been properly authorized.

When assuring uncovers an error, the adjudicator may need to increase the sample size being checked in order to gain assurance that a system operates properly. A violation is to engage in different auditing procedures.

Key Point of Vouching : –

  1. It’s an essential part of the introductory account
    2. Attestations should be adequately distributed.
    3 Vouchers must present the date of analogous trade.
    4. Its present true and fair view of analogous trade.
    5. Attestations help in identifying the credibility of a business.
    6. Vouchers are the record of validation for analogous trade which is incurred by any sanctioned person on behalf of the company it’s also signed by a sanctioned person as per appointed by the company, establishment. It’s an utmost part to control of undefined, gratuitous charges.