Digital Signature - Get class 3 DSC in a few clicks

A Class 3 Digital Signature is a type of digital signature that is issued by a Certifying Authority (CA) after verifying the identity of the user. Digital signatures are electronic signatures that use cryptographic techniques to authenticate the identity of the sender or signatory and ensure the integrity of the signed document or message.

Here are some key features of a Class 3 Digital Signature:

High Level of Security

Class 3 Digital Signatures provide a higher level of security compared to lower classes. The verification process for obtaining a Class 3 Digital Signature involves more stringent identity checks.


Legal Validity:

In many jurisdictions, Class 3 Digital Signatures are legally recognized and accepted for various online transactions, including e-filing of income tax returns, online bidding, and other activities that require a secure and authenticated digital signature.

Use Cases:

Class 3 Digital Signatures are commonly used in applications where a high level of security and assurance of the signer’s identity is crucial. This includes financial transactions, legal documents, and government-related processes.


Certificate Authority (CA):

The certificate for a Class 3 Digital Signature is issued by a trusted Certificate Authority. The CA verifies the identity of the individual or entity applying for the digital signature before issuing the certificate.

Cryptographic Algorithms:

 Class 3 Digital Signatures use strong cryptographic algorithms to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the signed data.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and regulations regarding digital signatures can vary by country and jurisdiction. Users should adhere to the guidelines provided by the relevant authorities or governing bodies to ensure the legal validity and security of digital signatures.

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