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Applying a digital signature certificate Online involves obtaining a digital certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA) and configuring it on your computer or device. Below are the general steps to apply a digital signature certificate:

Obtain a Digital Certificate:

  • Select a trusted Certificate Authority to obtain your digital certificate like Legato Business Solution LLP.
  • Provide Required Information:

Follow the CA’s application process, providing necessary information such as your name, email address, and organization details.

  • Verify Your Identity:

The CA may require you to undergo identity verification. This can involve submitting documents or undergoing a verification process.

  • Generate Key Pair:

  • Generate a cryptographic key pair consisting of a private key (kept secret) and a public key (shared). This is often done during the digital certificate application process.
  • Receive Digital Certificate:

  • Once verified, the CA will issue your digital certificate. This certificate contains your public key and is digitally signed by the CA.

Install the Digital Certificate:

  • Export Certificate:

The CA will provide your digital certificate in a file format (usually in PKCS#12 or PFX format). Export this certificate to your computer.


Install Certificate on Your Computer:

Depending on your operating system, you can install the digital certificate. On Windows, you can use the Certificate Manager. On macOS, use the Keychain Access. Follow the respective steps for your operating system.

Configure Applications:

  • Configure Email Clients:

If you plan to use your digital certificate for email encryption or signing, configure your email client to use the installed certificate

  • Configure Browsers:

Some applications, especially web browsers, may need configuration to recognize and use your digital certificate. Check the settings or preferences of the specific application.

Apply Digital Signature:

  • Select the Document

Open the document that you want to sign digitally.

  • Access Signature Tool:

Use the digital signature feature within the software you’re using. For example, in Adobe Acrobat, you can find the digital signature tool under the “Tools” menu.

  • Choose Your Digital Certificate:

Select your installed digital certificate when prompted. You may need to enter the password associated with your private key.

  • Place the Signature:

Specify the location for your digital signature within the document. This is typically done by clicking or dragging to create a signature field.

  • Sign the Document:

Apply your digital signature. The software will use your private key to generate the digital signature and embed it in the document.

  • Save the Document:

Save the document with the applied digital signature.

Remember to keep your private key secure and protect your digital certificate from unauthorized access. Additionally, follow the specific instructions provided by the application or software you are using for digital signatures.

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