FSSAI License Process for Food Truck

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the regulatory body responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of food products in India. If you operate a food truck, it’s essential to obtain the necessary FSSAI license to comply with food safety regulations. Here is a general overview of the FSSAI license process for a food truck:

Determine the Appropriate License Type:

  • FSSAI offers three types of licenses: Basic, State, and Central. The type of license required depends on the scale and nature of your food business. Food trucks usually fall under the State or Central category, depending on the scale of operations.

Complete the Application Form:

  • Prepare and submit the necessary documents along with the completed application form. Typical documents may include:
    • Identity and address proof of the business owner/operator.
    • Proof of possession of premises (e.g., rent agreement).
    • List of food products and categories you intend to sell.
    • Food safety management plan.
    • NOC from the local municipal authority.

Pay the Applicable Fees:

Pay the license fee as specified by FSSAI. The fee amount depends on the type and duration of the license.

Inspection by FSSAI Authorities:

After submitting the application, FSSAI authorities may conduct an inspection of your food truck and premises to ensure compliance with food safety standards.


Issuance of License:

Once the inspection is satisfactory, and all requirements are met, FSSAI will issue the food license. The license should be prominently displayed at your food truck.

Renewal of License:

FSSAI licenses are typically valid for one to five years. Ensure that you renew your license before it expires to avoid penalties or disruptions in your food truck operations.

Compliance with FSSAI Regulations:

Ongoing compliance with FSSAI regulations is crucial. This includes maintaining hygiene, following food safety practices, and adhering to the conditions specified in your license.

It’s important to note that the specifics of the process may vary based on the location and local regulations. It’s advisable to check with the local FSSAI office or consult with a professional like Legato Business Solution LLP familiar with food safety regulations to ensure accurate and timely compliance with the licensing requirements.