Apply for GST Number in Bangalore

To apply for a Goods and Services Tax (GST) number in Bangalore, you can follow these general steps. Please note that the process might have changed, so it’s advisable to check the latest guidelines on the official GST portal or consult with a tax professional like Legato Business Solution LLP .

Visit the GST Portal:

Go to the official GST portal (

Click on Services > Registration > New Registration:

Navigate to the ‘Services’ tab, select ‘Registration,’ and then choose ‘New Registration.’

Fill in the Form:

Complete the necessary details in the GST registration form, including your legal name, PAN, mobile number, and email address.

Verification through OTP :

You’ll receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile and email. Enter the OTP to verify your identity.

Submit Required Documents :

Upload the necessary documents, such as proof of business registration, address proof, bank account details, and photographs.

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Submit Application :

After completing the form and uploading the documents, submit your application.

Application Reference Number (ARN) :

You’ll receive an Application Reference Number (ARN) after successful submission. You can track the status of your application using this number.

Verification by GST Officer:

The GST officer will verify your application, and if there are no issues, the GSTIN (GST Identification Number) will be issued.

GST Certificate:

Once approved, you will receive a GST certificate containing your GSTIN.

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Filing Returns:

After obtaining the GST number, ensure timely filing of GST returns as per the guidelines.

Always check the official GST portal for the most up-to-date information and specific details related to the GST registration process in Bangalore or any other location.  If you find the process complex, consider seeking assistance from a tax professional like Legato Business Solution LLP or GST consultant.